About me

Hi there!  It's me, Mandi, the one woman show behind RosiePosie!  I started this business a few years ago when my Rosie started school full time.  Before that I only knitted for friends and family, but so many people kept suggesting I start my own business. Finally I had the time to start sharing my creativity with the world so I decided to take the plunge and RosiePosie Design Co. was born!  

I love bright, fun colors, which also speaks to my personality!  And I especially love playing around with color.  My main goal is for you to feel warm and fabulous in your RosiePosie item, whether it's one of my fun pom pom beanies or a unique hand knit cowl.  

I use the highest quality materials in my work, 100% merino that is typically either hand dyed or dyed with a process that makes that yarn truly one of a kind.  That means, your item is unique to you and does not exist anywhere else in the world!  I also carry 100% acrylic items for those more sensitive folk.

Providing high quality, lovingly made, unique products that you absolutely love is my number one priority.  You won't be disappointed! 

Thanks for being here with me!

xoxo Mandi