Whoa! It's February already!

Hiiiiiiii!!!! Long time, no see! How can it be February 2022 already?? I don't know about you, but I have a hard time keeping track of what day it is. They all seem to just blend together. My youngest said to me after school on Wednesday...."Mom! Why didn't you tell me it was Groundhog's Day? Everybody at school was talking about it." Oops! Sorry, gal! I have no clue what day it is! LOL

So now that I know it's February, it's time for LOVE stuff!! I use the holiday as an excuse to show my family how much I love them with little treats. A Valentine care package sent to the oldest in college. Heart shaped pancakes for the other 2. Homemade cookies with red sprinkles. You catch my drift. 

Naturally I had to whip up some Valentine Mug Rugs! OMG are they cute?! Such a quick little thing to make to show that special someone how much you care. I have these up for grabs for my non-maker friends.

For my maker friends, make sure you grab yourself a copy of the Mug Rug Recipe so you can make your own! It includes several different designs as well as lots of charts, including the heart!  Here are the X and O charts! Use the "Tabula Rasa" mug rug design to add your picture using the duplicate stitch method.

Tag me on social media with #mugrugs so I can see what you make! Happy Valentine's Day!!


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