I'm on a roll! SUPER Find Your Way Bonnet knitting pattern mods

Have you seen Kimberley of Yarn Paper Flour's new Classic Bonnet Beanie knitting pattern? It's soooo good and I can't stop making them! 


It has a perfect fit and is the perfect design to showcase indie dyed yarns like this one from Honey and Clover Knits. It also comes in 5 sizes so you can make one for everyone!! So good!

Since I've been making them on repeat I wondered if my Super Find Your Way design would work with it and it did! I sent it to Kimberely to see what she thought and she loved it too! Sooo......we're sharing it with YOU! All you need is Kimberely's pattern (link above) and my Super FYW Beanie pattern.  This is to make the Adult size.



Follow the Classic Bonnet Beanie pattern BRIM Rows 1-11.

Row 12: Switch to knitting needle size US 15s and knit a row. 

Follow the next step to join and decrease a stitch.

You are now finished with Kimberely's pattern. Move over to the SUPER FYW pattern and begin the Chevron pattern Round 1. 

Complete Rounds 1-6 until the beanie measures 8" from the cast on edge, ending after completing Round 3 or 6. Proceed to designated Decrease. Complete, then move onto Finishing and VOLIA! You have a SUPER Find Your Way Bonnet!

Tag @yarnpaperflour and @rosieposiedesignco on social media #superfindyourwaybonnet so we can see your new bonnets!! Thanks for supporting both of us! Happy knitting!





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