Hello, friends!

Howdy!  It's me, Mandi!  And my blog!  My first entry!!  Whhhhaaaatttttttt?!?!?!  

What am I supposed to write in a blog?  What sort of things are you looking for??  What do my friends want to hear from me?!  These are all thoughts going through my mind right now, but instead of overthinking like I sometimes do, I thought I would just jump in and start writing. 

This is me!  A tired, mom of 3 (2 teenagers!), wife, librarian, paralegal, and knitter who is trying to also be a businesswoman! LOL. If you follow me on Instagram @rosieposiedesignco, you'll have heard me moan about this before.  I'm a knitter!  A maker!  Not a businesswoman, graphic designer, blogger, website creator, etc but when you have your own business you either need to learn to do all of this somehow in all of your free time or business will not be booming!  So this is me doing my very best. ;) I appreciate you being here.

I'd like my blog to be a fun place you come for a good read.  I love to make people laugh.  Recently I asked my Insta friends to describe me in 3 words.....I'm going to share the nice ones hahahahaha just kidding!  They were all nice.  The maker community on the 'Gram is simply the best....that's another blog entry!  Anyway.....fun loving, hilarious, funny, thoughtful, supportive, kind, generous, encouraging, and sweet were some of them.  I mean, how nice are they?!  But seriously, my number one goal on social media is to be authentic.  I know lots of people in real life who portray themselves differently online and that makes me cringe.  So hopefully my website and blog will portray the fun loving, easy going gal that I am!  I plan on sharing old and new stories, products, favorite books, recipes, and more!  Think of it as a fun, relaxing happy hour with your gal pals.

So stay tuned for another post coming soon!  It may or may not contain some hilarious knitting photos my mom just sent me of me as an awkward 13 year old.

I'd love to hear what you think so far!  Comment below :)



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  • Love this!! Can’t wait to hear more. I love the way you write — it’s like a conversation with a friend. :) So excited for the favorite books and the stories. Especially the awkward pictures. ;) Great job Mandi!!


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