Happy Holidays and a FREE baby hat "pattern!"

WOW! Has it really been 6 months since I wrote a blog post?! Ugh. Time flies. But did anyone really miss it?!  LOL I am still trying to figure out "the point" of a blog for my business. Give me a comment if you know! hahaha and if you want me to do better about regularly posting. I will make it a 2022 goal if there is a point! ;)

Anyway.....happy holidays!!! I hope you are enjoying this time of year. I wanted to share an adorable custom order I received and I thought I would share how I made it. I sell the finished product on my website, but as a little gift I am sharing what I did for other makers to make for free! It's an infant hat that should fit babies 0-6 months old depending on head size.

The beanie is made on a medium sized (40 needle) knitting machine with worsted weight yarn. I use Caron Simply Soft, which I find to work the best, especially for baby hats. You can use any color you'd like, but for this one I used ivory with hunter green for the tree.

Angie and Britt has the perfect tutorial on how to make the hat. You can watch it here.

Once the hat is finished I just duplicate stitch on a tree! Here is the chart I made...

Don't know how to duplicate stitch?! There are tons of videos on YouTube, just google it!

The hat looks super cute with or without a pom. I made mine with a 3"x 3" square of faux fur and it's about 5" tip to tip.

Let me know if you make one! I'd love to see it.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! I'll see ya next year! ;)

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